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Nina’s passion for dance and aerial began in a very special and unexpected way. It started in a beautiful country called South Africa. She was quickly introduced to the national dance and the extraordinary passion of the natives for dancing captured Nina's attention.  

A new passion was born. 

In her earlier years, she was trained to be a gymnast. After visiting South Africa, she studied to be a sports therapist. During that time she already danced for a company called "Jazzaret". Soon after, she started studying dance professionally at the “Professional Dance Academy” in Stuttgart. 
During that time Nina also started to train as an aerialist. 


Today she is passionate about combining both the athletic aspects of gymnastics and the grace & elegance of dance. 

She worked for several Musicals (Die Päpstin, Zeppelin, Die Passion, Rheingold, Gräfin Mariza)  

and Film Produktion (RTL, ZDF, PRO7 ect.).  

Nina just came back, from the European Tour with the  composer Hans Zimmer.  

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